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Seattle To Porland

STP is a 200 mile, one or two day bike ride from Seattle WA to Portland OR sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle club. 1996 marked the 17th anniversary of the event. For Mitch and me it was our first. The first day we rode from Seattle to Castlerock WA, a distance of 130 miles which took us 13 hours including some lengthy rest stops. We stayed at the Castlerock high school gym. The second day we rode through torrential downpours, sometimes approaching hail. The most notable stop was in Goble OR where we all huddled under a large canvas tarp and sat on hay bales; with a sea of mud surrounding us. The 70 miles to Portland took about 5 hours and we arrived shortly before one o'clock. Amazingly the rain stopped and we had dry pavement almost exactly at the Portland City limits.


David and Mitch Crenshaw at the Kingdome parking lot. Saturday morning June 22, 1996

Spanaway Panorama. About 10 am on Saturday. Spanaway, WA rest stop.

Between Centralia and Chehalis WA. Just to the left of my helmet is a famous billboard
on the highway. Always good for a slam on politicians.

David and Mitch, Portland OR. Sunday June 23.

David and Mitch, Portland OR. Sunday June 23.

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