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Seattle To Porland

This was the second time Mitch and I rode in the STP. We repeated last years basic itinerary, with Castlerock as our first day's destination, but we rented a motel room this year. It added a couple miles but we had hot showers and a real bed. Both days gave us dry rides for the first 40 or so miles. After that all bets were off and we rode in some extremely wet weather. About 30 miles from Portland I developed a flat only minutes after the skies had opened up. We arrived at the finish line about 3:00 and were met by Ruby and Mitch's sister Leslie and her husband Chris.

Saturday 6:00 am. The ride begins

Day 1. Rest stop at Spanaway. Just before the rain began : Day 1. David just shy of Centrailia.

Day 2: Flat tire just shy of the St. Helens rest stop.

Finish line

David and Mitch, Portland OR. Sunday June 22.

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