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Groundhog's Day Cards

In 1988 we hit on the idea of giving ourselves an extra month to do our Christmas cards. Groundhog's day being a favorite "holiday" of mine made a natural choice. The delight of several friends (especially Catherine Hahler, JoAnn Davis and Fran Dixon Zabawa) has kept the tradition alive. Here are examples of every year that we sent out.

1988:"If its those people about the shadow, tell them to come back in 6 weeks."

1990: Groundhog Brand Shadow Remover

1991: Punxatawny, Pennsylvania is the home of the official groundhog.

Inside caption: "The Shadow does"


1994: The greeting was drawn on a large piece of cardboard and leaned against the cabinet.

1995: Collage by Ruby

1996: Potato print

1997: "Who knows where lurks the Groundhog's shadow?"

1998: Can you tell we were planning a trip to France?


2000: "I can't see my shadow. It must be spring!"


2002: Johnson, I'm not sure that's what we had in mind...

2003: G-Hog Tracy tracks down the notorious villain, Flat-Hog.

2004: A Groundhog Family Newsletter. See PDF version for full text.

2005: A simple greeting card featuring the artists.

2006: Will Punxatawny Phil hit the snooze alarm for 6 more weeks of rest?

2007: All the dirt we could dig up for Groundhog's day. (see full PDF version)

2008: I'm doing virtual shadows this year

2009: Haiku seemed like the perfect addition to this simple design.
Good Haiku might have been even better.


2010: Our special groundhog's day dessert recipe

2011: Click Here...

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