Nathan's and my 1978 Scotland Adventure
Island of Skye

We came back the next day from the Orkneys on a much bigger ferry and caught a train staight away for parts south. We stopped for "high tea" at the Royal Hotel in Dingwall. For less than a dollar we got scones and tea. Nathan did some antique shopping in Dingwall.

We continued on to Kyle of Lochalsh where we caught a ferry over to the island of Skye. Our basic tactic when arriving in a new town was to walk around until we found a house with a B&B sign in the front window and then get a room. It was incredibly easy and fairly cheap.

On Skye we upped the ante and rented a car for a day. It turned out to be a great idea for a couple reasons. One, was that being in a foreign country we felt the need to be on our best behaviour, but in the car we could laugh, sing and be raucous without offending the locals. Two, we gave a ride to two women hitch-hikers who ended up touring with us for a couple days. Pat was from Ireland and Helen from Wales, but they were going to school in Aberdeen.

On Skye we visited Dunvegen Castle. Where I found one of the few mushrooms of the whole trip: a russula.

Nathan at Eileen Donan Castle. Dorney, Scotland. Not actually on Skye, we took the ferry back to the mainland.

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