Nathan's and my 1978 Scotland Adventure
Laggan Bridge to Loch Ness

Here is where one of the bigger adventures started. We took the train from Perth to Dalwhinnie (a dinky little town on the rail line), hitched and hiked to a small town called Laggan Bridge where we bought cheese and apples, and then hiked from there to Loch Ness going along what they call Landrover tracks and over the Mohadhliadh mountains to get there.

We reach the town of Laggan Bridge after a hike from the train station at Dalwhinnie.

We had a small book called Treks and Trails in Scotland, with very sketchy details on the route but it worked out fine. We spent two nights and three days hiking and it was gorgeous.

On the hike to Loch Ness. Nathan at the top of Piper's Burn. David overlooking Loch na Larige.

Our first campsite. There is a tiny loch behind our shelter named Lochan a'Choire.

We spent some time around Loch Ness at a small town called Foyers where a semi-famous guy named Frank Serle spent most all day with a camera trained on the loch waiting for a glimpse of the monster.

On the banks of Loch Ness. Frank Serle takes a moment from his loch-watch to try and figure out what David is up to.

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