Nathan's and my 1978 Scotland Adventure
Fort Augustus / Loch Ness

Pat and Helen left us to get back to their college when we got back to the mainland at Fort Augustus on Loch Ness. We have a picture of us in a row boat on Loch Ness, moments before a wind came up and in the resulting waves we broke one of the paddles. They were quite impressed at how we just got down to work to get us back to the dock without cursing and carrying on.

Bus trip from Skye to Fort Augustus. Nathan, Helen and Pat.

On Loch Ness in a rented boat. Pat, David and Helen.

We met up, absolutely by chance, with Pat a couple days later at Sterling Castle. She was there with her parents heading back to Ireland since school was out. She dropped her bag and ran over to see us causing the security at the castle to get a bit unnerved. There being a big concern about bombings and such, and a dropped bag by an Irish speaking girl probably fitting their criteria for concern.

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