Nathan's and my 1978 Scotland Adventure

One of our last stops in Scotland was Glasgow but we were getting pretty tired by this point and I only remember going to see a Spiderman movie. The city itself didn't impress me all that much. One interesting tale though is that, as we were leaving Glasgow, Nate and I wanted to buy some souvenirs. I sat with our baggage at the train station while Nathan took a stroll and once he got back, he waited while I shopped. Well, guess what. Chronos-Cartog, the time mapper (see story below) took a wrong turn coming out of the store and got completely turned around. I finally arrived at the station with only moments to spare. As we headed out onto the platform a conductor asked us what train we were on and when he heard, he told us, "Well you'd better run like the hammer of hell 'cause that train is pulling out right now!"

I had the whole thing charted out on calendars and maps in advance, Nathan made sure we danced and partied where possible. Because of that we named each other "Chronos-Cartog, the time mapper" and "Discoz, the poser." We had another game we would play where one of us was the sherpa guide and the other played the tourist couple George and Martha. The sherpa guide would talk with a whimpy milk-toast kind of voice and say things like "I think this is the right way" and "Oh don't be so mean, it makes me want to cry." Meanwhile George and Martha are ranting away saying how did they get mixed up with this tour guide. Finally the sherpa would say something like "I always wanted to be a Sumo wrestler, but my Mom made me be a sherpa guide."

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