David M. H. Butler

357 Main. Street
Cromwell, CT 06416

Residence: 860-635-4374

Application Programs
HandyBar 4.0

PageMaker toolbar, written in SuperCard for the Macintosh using PageMaker's scripting language. Developed with Scott Dunn who authored the Windows version. The toolbar was configurable; buttons could easily be added or removed by the user. Features included standard functions such as Save, Cut, Copy, etc; as well as features that were virtually impossible in PageMaker, such as Character formats and element alignment. This program was distributed as a lightweight shareware version, and a more full featured registered version.


Word Game 9

Production tool for building Search-a-word puzzles. Written in QuickBasic for DOS. The program read a list of words and proposed a puzzle which the author could accept or edit. It would generate an output file that could be read by either Ventura Publisher or Adobe PageMaker. It also generated an answer grid along with an Encapsulated PostScript file that provided the circles around the answers. This program was used by my wife to build close to 100 books for a publisher in New York City.


Scan Calculator

Tool for calculating the optimum resolution to use when scanning an image. It took into account the desired size, the output device and other factors to give the user a scanning resolution and an estimate of the resulting file size. I also wrote a Windows Help file to go along with it. This program was distributed as freeware.


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