Ruby's story

Ruby had grown up and was living in Portland Oregon in 1975. It was still four years before we would meet. She was living in a group house and working for an alternative waste recycling cooperative called Sunflower. Ruby's interest was in photography as art and so, being behind the lense more than in front of it, there are very few pictures of her.

Summer 1975. Ruby took part in a non-nuclear bike ride, riding north to the Trojan nuclear power plant and giving talks at all the small towns along the way. This picture is in Portland and Ruby is talking to a reporter from the Journal.

On the left is a picture Ruby took of her boyfriend, Martin, with kids from the daycare where Ruby worked. On the right another snapshot of Martin with his dog, Ralph.

This photo is dated 1976.

Photos dated 1978 and 1977. On the right on a trip to San Francisco with boyfriend Terry.