Getting Ready

Somewhere around August or September of 1974, my friend Darcy Erickson and I decided to move to the west coast. Darcy had just graduated from college and we felt it was time to strike off and see the bigger world. Darcy wanted to go to California, but both of us talked about the "big earthquake" that was sure to make Nevada the new coast line, so we decided to go to Oregon. Between that August and the next February most of our goals focused on getting ready for the big trip.

December 1974. Christmas at my parent's house in Ledyard, CT. I'm not sure the family really believed we were going. Back row: Darcy, Ken Czaja, Nathan, Henry Rabideau. Front row: David, Sue holding Danny, Jackie holding Brett. The family dog Rowdy is just visible.

Darcy and I moved out an apartment in New Haven CT and moved in with Nathan at the homestead. We brought our cat to add to the two who were already there. I'm holding Shortstop, Nathan has his cat Ditko, Darcy is holding Mama Kitty, who reigned as queen of the homestead for close to 15 years.

Another quick visit to see my parents in Ledyard a couple weeks before our departure. I don't know about them, but the trip was starting to feel very real to me.

February 9, 1975. Jackie and Sue held a going away party for us about a week before we left.

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