Treking to New Mexico

Once we realized we weren't going to find work in Oregon, we made the decision to try our luck in Albuquerque New Mexico. We briefly considered Seattle, Washington but decided we'd rather go south instead of north. Other factors in the decision were that Mom and Dad had lived there in the late 1940s and Nathan had stopped there during a cross-country trip in 1973. In my notebook where I made notes about what needed to be done to get ready, I titled the page Trekin' to New Mexico.

July, 1975. Morning of Day 2. We had spent the night at a rest area in southern Oregon. Darcy and I are driving a Saab, Nathan's Chevrolet is to the right.

Day 2 or 3. Taking a break at a rest stop somewhere in California. Darcy has our cat "Shortstop" on a leash.

Another rest stop, either California or Arizona. It was an extremely hot day and we hoped to get some sleep in the afternoon so that we could drive longer into the night. Nathan took this picture from inside his car.

The apartment we rented is almost dead center. The careful eye can see a canoe along the second floor railing and the Saab parked below it. These apartments are just of Eubank and north of Lomas. That's Sandia crest behind the buildings.

Another view of the Sandias, since there is snow on the peaks, this shot must have been taken later.

We took the canoe up to Cochiti resevoir, north of Albuquerque. Nathan and I decided to try this shot and I got it on the first try.

Darcy stands at the nose of the canoe. We were kicked off the lake about an hour later for not having any life vests on board.

In September we drove up to Sandia Crest for a day trip. By this time Nathan had a job at Modern Press and I was working at Globe Discount stores.

Another shot at the crest.

And a third.

A view from Sandia Crest looking towards the Rio Grande river (the darkish band along the top). Albuquerque is hidden by the ridges on the left hand side.

The photo is labeled Elephant Butte. I remember we had driven down with our canoe, but it was so windy we never went out on the water. I didn't remember even getting out of the car long enough to spread out a blanket, but here is proof.

November 1975. David on the La Luz hiking trail that leads from Albuquerque to Sandia Crest.

A close up of the long-haired hippy.

I was hiking with my friend from Globe, Howie Knipfing. Seen here getting ready at the trail head and at a great little glen we found to take a snack break.

December 1975. The night before I headed back to Connecticut. We're in the apartment Nathan found. Darcy had gone back about a month earlier on a Greyhound bus.

Christmas day 1975. Darcy and I are playing with nephew Danny Czaja at Sue and Ken's house in Middlefield, CT.

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