October 2003:

Thursday, 10/2

Salvaging floor planking.

Drop box arrives for tomorrow's mechanized demolition

Bricks from the garden stacked under the pergola

Friday, 10/3

Mechanized demolition underway.

The operator lifted this section right off the foundation and dumped it into the drop box.


Saturday, 10/4

Scene from what use to be "down behind the barn."

Most of today was moving cinderblocks, brownstone and wood. Here are David and Ken with one choice beam resting in Dan's truck.

Ken, David and Dan moving the main beam.

Tuesday, 10/7

Contractors Bob and Jimmy during clean-up.

Ruby and David above the big pit..


Thursday, 10/9

We bought some paint today and began priming the garage.

A quick test of the new color scheme. Yellow-creme walls, white trim, dark green windows. (Shutters and doors will also be dark green).


Composite photo showing the barn gone, and a view that no one in this generation has ever seen.